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In 2009 I made a Mommy Fortuna costume to join a group of cosplayers that all loved the movie just as much as I did when I was growing up. You can see us all here.

Recently I got the Graphic Novel after meeting Peter S Beagle and crying like a little baby. He signed my copy and gave me the biggest hug ever. He told me it was a really pretty novel. From reading his posts online, you can tell he’s excited that the Novel will help him reach a new audience. He’s very proud of his work.

I read the novel and OMG! It was just gorgeous. And after previously reading another Graphic Novel produced by IDW, I decided that IDW needed some cosplay. As a celebration for making some of my most loved fandoms, so well done and thought out. You can tell they put love into them, and I greatly appreciate that.

So these two things together made me go out and buy fabric to make Lady Almathea from the Graphic Novel. Very similar to the animated movie, but she wears white and has blue eyes. The graphic novel is awesome in that it expands on the story a bit and I love every second of it.

In honor of buying the fabric to make yet another The Last Unicorn cosplay, I wanted to post my first costume. Which is probably still one of my favorite costumes I’ve made to date. Alot of work went into it, and from looking at it, I still can’t tell that is was one of my very first costumes.

So here’s to you IDW, Mommy Fortuna and most importantly Peter S. Beagle. May another generation grow to love your story as much as I do.


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    ^ I did the same thing, and then one year my aunt surprised me at our family reunion by handing me a copy of it. I still...
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    AAH. I used to insist we rent it every time at the rental store tooo! Now I haven’t seen it in years. :
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    When I was growing up me and my mom didn’t have alot of money and this SAME THING happened to me. I would go to the...
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    Holy shit that’s amazing! When I was around preschool-kindergarten age I would beg my parents to take me to Blockbuster...
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    this is one of the most amazing things ever
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    One of the most incredible cosplays I’ve ever seen. Fabulous.
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    well hot damn someone’s done it
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